Brand Brief: Well(ness) That's Beautiful!

So last month Whole Foods got into the home decor game and I mentioned I thought it looked a bit like Anthropologie. Well this week Anthro set up The Wellness Shop. This shop within a shop opened earlier this week in 12 stores and online. The shop focuses on simple solutions for wellness mind, body and home. And true to the Anthro brand it includes a curated collection of beautiful products and niche brands.

These photos of in-store from Brit + Co. have me hoping that Milwaukee is on the short list to get one of the next Wellness Shops. The soft but earthy colors clean, light type feels like a palette you'd see at your trusted neighborhood yoga studio.

The Wellness Shop at Anthropologie

The Wellness Shop at Anthropologie


And I feel like I've just hit a jackpot of beautiful packaging inspiration. The products themselves are interesting (um, there are water bottles with infusing crystals and space cleansing kits with sage!) and the packaging ranges from natural and handcrafted-feeling to clean, bold and witty. I've highlighted just a few of my favs, but I had a hard time choosing.