Fun Packaging Friday: Scannable Packaging

And we're not exactly talking QR codes. Well maybe. But some new inclusion of QR Codes, UPCs and other things to scan on packaging are bringing customers more than just websites with deeper product bullet points and details. These ideas are encouraging people to adopt more sustainable habits or creating new product types.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are nothing new. But getting customer's to adopt the habit of bringing back their bags for every trip can be a hurdle. How many times have you gotten to grocery store to realize your bag is in the trunk of your car, or worse at home? Tesco created a bag that incorporates the reason why to reuse and a benefit to the customer. The bag graphics have whimsical illustrations of whales, fish and turtles that will be saved by not using disposable plastic bags and a UPC that scans for a discount with each use.

Tesco Unforgettable Bag

Tesco Unforgettable Bag


Reimagining Boxes

While reusing all of those boxes we're getting from our online purchases seems like a no brainer, Amazon wants to give people some creative ideas on how to use them beyond storing old stuff in the basement or shipping a gift to your grandma. To do this, Amazon is introducing SmileCodes. These codes, when scanned in your Amazon app, unlock instructions on how to turn your box into pretty cool crafts. According to AdWeek Amazon will be including SmileCodes on a third of the boxes they ship.


Personalized Packaging

In this unique union of technology and packaging you can include a personal video message with the Cadbury Chocolate you're gifting to a loved one. I'm having flashbacks to singing Hallmark cards. Oh wait, they still make those. Right now this Cadbury Milk Tray is available in the UK. The idea of being able to add to the product with a personalized message makes this an instant and thoughtful gift.