Work-Life Balance Wednesday: Take a Lunch Break


A couple months ago things were super busy at work. It was right before the holidays. So on top of running around all day at work, free-time after work was devoted to Christmas shopping, family gatherings and the usual holiday parties. One routine I started during that time to help slow things down and help keep some balance in my busy day was taking a lunch break.

This doesn't have to be a long lunch. Just a little time away from the desk to give your mind a break and have a good meal. Even just 20 minutes away is enough time to slow down and reset. I like to get away for 30-45 minutes if my schedule allows. But the important thing is get away from your desk!

Tips for a good lunch break

  • Give yourself devoted time (block it on your calendar if your office likes to schedule meetings)
  • Get away from your desk (bonus points for an enjoyable space or taking it outside)
  • This time should be a recharge, spend it with people or an activity that is energizing to you (a little quiet time with a book does it for me)
  • Don't bring the work with you (if you can)

As a manager my team knows they can always text me if something urgent comes up. If I'm not at my desk though, usually those lunch time questions can wait. I find I come back to work focused and ready to take on the afternoon. And who doesn't want to feel more focused?