Fun Packaging Friday: Glamour Rebrand

Well this isn't packaging but I think it's pretty cool. Glamour magazine is getting a rebrand. The new design is a bit more minimal with a black and white base with a small pop of color. I'm digging the depth on the new logotype and how they are using the layout to frame the cover portrait. It's feeling less girly and more sophisticated. 

Left: Before | Right: After

Left: Before | Right: After

There is a Q&A with the Creative Director behind the rebrand, Nathalie Kirsheh on Design Week. This quote in particular I thought was insightful: “It is true that social media has a certain appeal due to its accessibility and sense of instant gratification, ... We are trying to harness these platforms with curated content and a better visual experience. Creating quicker reads and hits is essential – but so is providing real journalism that takes a deep-dive on many issues.” ... The idea of borrowing tactics that readers are responding to online is smart and the examples shared are visually engaging.



Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 12.34.52 PM.png

When checking out Nathalie's portfolio online, I came across these super cool videos she has of her design process. They are just a couple of minutes each but show you how the full design explore for article lead-in pages. 

I really like the initial explore on this Drew Barrymore profile.